Martin Jansen Van Vuuren

SA Memory Institute

Since Ring-A-Nerd has started hosting my website, I can only be happy with every single area of their service. Phillip that works with us for the past 18 months or so has been very professional and creative in his work with very fast service. Keep up the great work!

Lee Whittam

Essential Africa

Just a few words to say that I can recommend the services of Ring-A-Nerd as I have used them on several occasions and always found them to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable and have always been able to assist me with any queries. I shall certainly use them again when necessary.

Claudia Jafta

Revenue Consulting

Ring-A-Nerd's level of service is phenomenal. I would recommend Ring-A-Nerd anytime. Why? Because they deliver on time, first time around. I never have to do follow ups on stuff that needs to be done. Do you know how awesome that feels? That right there… Now that is Service!

And do you wanna know something else? I had no knowledge of computers, other than the basic stuff. Christo and his staff have taught me a lot. Everything else I know, I owe it to Ring-A-Nerd.

Anita Hechter

Terblanche Properties

Sincere thanks to the fabulous service we get from Charl! He is such a happy guy to have around and his service is exemplary!! He makes our day when he comes to our office.

My father was so impressed with his service too. At 86 he knows nothing about computers and Charl treated him with such respect! Something you don’t see that often today.

Audrey Smit


In a nutshell, Ring-A-Nerd have undoubtedly made a huge impact on the streamlining of our business. The data storage facility on our website (all done by Phillip) was designed to our specific industry needs and has made the retrieval of confidential client data easily accessible (to those only with absolutely secure logins) versus the outdated and laborious efforts of searching through old e-mails for data.

Phillip was quick to grasp and understand our requirements and identified sometimes what we needed even before we did! Nicely done Phillip/Ring-A-Nerd, you have made the business of business just that much easier to do even better. We are certain you will go far!

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